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We help you improve the quality of your water and land.
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Stream and Wetland Restoration

Water is an important resource and is vital to life. We take water quality seriously and take joy in protecting and improving this resource. Restoration helps initiate or speed the recovery of an ecosystem.

When performing stream restoration projects we work to minimize the impact of non-point source pollution, stabilize streambanks, and improve both instream and riparian habitat to increase biodiversity.  

In implementing Wetland restoration projects we work to restore the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of both former or degraded wetlands to return natural functions in the landscape.

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Storm Water Runoff

Stormwater runoff is any water that flows over land and impervious surfaces (roads, parking lots, rooftops) straight to our waterways. This water carries with it pollutants such as oil, chemicals and sediment.  

Stormwater runoff not only harms our natural landscapes but it can also cause issues to personal property such as wet basements and flooded yards.

Our understanding of soil and water paired with a careful look at your landscape results in thoughtful designs that can be implemented to decrease the impacts of runoff and improve water infiltration.

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Native Plant Restoration

Native plants are adapted to the biological and geophysical climate and the benefits of using them are numerous. Native plants are key to increasing the diversity of our ecosystem. This occurs through their associations with mycorrhizae and other plants in the community and by providing food and habitat for insects, birds and other wildlife. 

While plants in general can meet the needs of decreasing nutrient load and provide better infiltration of surface water, they benefit the ecosystem on a much broader level. Research of native plant associations in the ecosystem are continuing to find new benefits of native plants which is why we choose to plant these species in our restoration projects.

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Invasive Plant Management

Invasive plants are those that are not historically native to an area. Invasive species have negative impacts on the environment by outcompeting native plants for resources and by not providing proper needs for all life stages of wildlife. When invasive plants become established in our landscape the total biodiversity of both plant life and wildlife can decrease. 

We work to remove non-native plant species from the area to be restored and work quickly to plant native species of plants in that space.


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Monitoring and Maintenance of Restoration Projects

Monitoring and maintenance go hand in hand as it is rare, if ever, to have a restoration project that will not need further inputs to maintain and improve the quality of the habitat. Many restoration or impaired sites are so degraded that without some monitoring or maintenance success may be minimal. Native plants are slower growing and can not, at first, out compete faster growing non-native species. We like seeing projects implemented by us, and others, succeed. Our goal is to formulate a monitoring and maintenance plan that works for both you and the environment.


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We work with landowners and non-profit groups by doing site visits and recommending plans of action for issues related to stormwater runoff, streambank stabilization and restoration, native plant or habitat restoration, and invasive species management.  If you have an issue with any of these or other water or land management related issues, give us a call and we would be happy to talk with you.