The Team

Working to help you.

Shaun Moore – Owner

Shaun Moore started SM Soil and Water Solutions in 2014 after 13 years of professional experience with the National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory and the Henderson County Soil and Water Conservation District. With a degree in Environmental Science with an emphasis in water quality from Purdue University, Shaun’s professional training and experience leads to practical solutions that takes into account environmental factors, best land management practices, and the land owners budget. Shaun’s approach to finding solutions starts with a conversation and site assessment. Clients appreciate this approach when coming to a working solution for them.

Will Coffee – Restoration Ecologist

Will received his BS from Arizona State University in Restoration Ecology with an emphasis in botany. He has experience working on restoration projects from riparian ecosystems in Idaho to sensitive semi arid regions of central Mexico. 

Natasha Shipman – Envioronmental Technician & Office Manager

Natasha Shipman is not only the wife and supporter of Shaun but she comes with a MS in Biology. After 13 years as the Manager to the Biology and Environmental Studies Departments at Warren Wilson College, she brings a diversity of skills to the team and steps in to be an extra set of hands in many aspects of the business.